Featured Streams

FreeFire Official Twitch

One of the largest esports titles in Tunisia, there's always an exciting challenge around the corner with Free Fire.

Riot Games Official

Riot makes some of the most renowned competitive esports titles in the world. Check out what's happening in the world of League of Legends, Wild Rift, Valorant and more.

Valorant Official

Check out the official Valorant Twitch channel. We'll have tons of great community events and challenges coming for Riot's 5v5 esports titles coming soon!


How do I become a featured community streamer on the Ooredoo EZ Gaming Hub and website?

We love to showcase and help our community streamers grow. If you want to be selected as a featured community streamer, simply be active in our community, be sure to join Discord. Our moderation team is always on the lookout for community superstars to recruit into our featured streamer program.

What Requirements do I have to meet as a streamer to be featured?

First and foremost, you need to adhere to our community terms of use and be an agent for positivity. Keep ‘explicit’ language to a minimum and think PG13+.

Please don’t ping our admins and moderators – trust that they are always sourcing our community talent.

It always helps to be engaging, interactive, positive and active/helpful in the Ooredoo EZ community on our Discord server.

What channel do I stream to/through to be featured on the site?

We would be happy to feature your great work as a streamer through your own channel and help boost your channel views and reach.

Currently, we can only support Twitch, due to the limitations of other streaming platforms, but we are also working on including Nimo, YouTube and other caster channels.

Does it matter what platform I stream to/from?

We can only feature Twitch streams, currently, but we are actively working to include Nimo, YouTube and other streaming platforms in the near future.

Do you only feature streamers/casters?

Content creation isn’t just about streaming and we want to showcase all our creators! We’ve created a showcase specifically for creators that aren’t streamers!

Check out the ‘Creators’ tab above to get featured as a YouTuber, Podcaster, blogger or any other medium.

Do you only feature gaming streams?

Nope, we want to feature your streams, hobbies and interest no matter what you’re passionate about.

As long as your stream follows our community standards and guidelines of positivity, inclusiveness and non-toxic vibes, we want to highlight whatever you want to share!