PUBG Mobile is a mobile Battle Royale game where participants fight against each other
until one last team or player stands.

The game offers different modes, such as Solo (100 players), Duo (50 teams), or Squads (25 teams), where opponents compete against each other on different maps (Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi). The last man standing from a team will be crowned the winner and receive the legendary “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

Article highlights:

Game Flow

At the beginning of each game, players jump off the plane to their desired spot on the
map and gather weapons and utility items before reaching the Safe Zone. The Safe Zone
will shrink throughout the different phases of the game, and any player outside the zone
will lose health points gradually until disqualification.
In team mode, players from the same team will assume different roles and try to create a
winning strategy:
1- The In-Game Leader (IGL) establishes the strategy and leads his team to victory.
2- The Assaulter/Fragger is a high-skilled shooting player whose role is to kill opponent
3- The Supporter usually defends his team and acts as a backup
4- The Free Man is polyvalent and occupies many roles as the game goes.
Note: Each player can play multiple roles, such as “scouter”, “flanker”, “entry fragger”,
“sniper”, etc.

Game Modes

PUBG Mobile offers two main different game modes: Ranked and Custom.
Ranked Games
Ranked Games are competitive; players join these games alone or as a team to earn
points and climb the ladder to the highest ranks. The ranking system is as follows:
1. Bronze (Entry-level)
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Platinum
5. Diamond
6. Crown
7. Ace
8. Conqueror (Top 500 players in rating points in the server)

Note: Each rank has Tiers, for instance, Crown 5, Crown 4, Crown 3, Crown 2, Crown 1.

Custom Games:
Custom games are casual and very popular among player communities. Participants set
the rules of their games and battle for fun. A pointing system determines the winner of the

Tips & Tricks

1. Aim for the head!
In PUBG Mobile, the highest amount of damage is dealt by a headshot. Therefore, all
professional and competitive players are always aiming for the head.
While carrying a good weapon, players can take out opponents with two to three
headshots against five to six body shots.
To master the art of head shooting, players should adjust their crosshairs onto an enemy’s
head position. This can be mastered by practicing various sessions on the training

2. Pick the right weapons for you.
PUBG Mobile offers many weapons options, ranging from assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs,
shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. Each player can carry up to two weapons, one for close and
one for long-range. Using the right weapon in the right situations is critical and will give
you the confidence to take out your rival players.

3.Practice makes perfect
Becoming a good assaulter demands practice, ideally in Team Death Match or Arena. By
playing these game modes, you will get experience fighting in close-range and see your
gameplay improving in no time!

4. Use the terrain to your advantage
PUBG Mobile offers a lot of landscape and terrains variety that you should use to survive
longer in the game. Buildings are usually a good cover, but they are also risky if an
opponent knows you are hiding inside. Using hills, dips, bushes, or other natural elements
may provide you with solid cover and reduce the risk of being cornered by the enemy