League of Legends – Get a Penta-kill Rocking Your Favorite Champion Skin!

Are you tired of worrying about grinding RP to get new heroes? Are you feeling guilty you bought another champion you will never play instead of purchasing a brand new skin? Riot Points go a long way in solving that for you!

Sure, skins don’t directly improve your performance. But owning the opposing team while wearing a sick skin on your favorite champion just feels so much better! And best of all; you can compete and earn points for free on Ooredoo EZ that you can then redeem for Riot Points on our store!

How to earn points and convert them into Riot Points on the Ooredoo EZ Store

It is easy as it sounds! sign up on the platform, enroll in any tournament that sparks your interest and give it your best competing with other gamers!

Conquer the win and spend your well-earned points on our Ooredoo EZ store!

What else can be purchased using Riot Points?

On top of being able to purchase champions skins and speeding up your champions acquisition, by purchasing RP with points on our store you won’t miss out on the great rewards you can earn by being part of the newest Pass Bundle! 

The pass allows you to obtain tokens used to unlock unique content, such as Prestige skins, emotes, or chromas. These tokens can be earned both by playing and by completing missions that are unlocked only when you purchase a pass.