FIFA 22: FIFA Points at a Bargain to Improve your Ultimate Team

Football is your passion, but your skill lies in your hands rather than your feet? FIFA is a big part of your life, you can’t do without it but somehow you keep striking out of luck and your team is always worse than your competition? Buckle up because everything you know is true is about to change – forever!

No more endless mission grinds to get a “decent” pack that won’t get you any player that fits your starting eleven! Increase your chances to get the best player cards to improve your Ultimate Team and beat the competition to win amazing weekly and seasonal rewards in Rivals and FUT Champions!

Thanks to Ooredoo EZ now you can either win FIFA Points by playing with us or by topping-up your FIFA account with FIFA Points – effortlessly and at the best prices in Tunisia!

Indulge us – you might say. We hear you!

How to win FIFA Points and improve your team with Ooredoo EZ

You play, we play. The more you play with us, the more you win. It’s as EZ as this. Simply:

  1. Sign-up for the Ooredoo EZ platform (winning free Ember Points while at it)
  2. Enroll in any available tournament 
  3. Show up and compete for Ember Point prizes

Redeem Ember Points at the Ooredoo EZ Store

How to buy FIFA Points online safely and without a credit card

Get your Ember points from the Ooredoo EZ Store using your Ooredoo mobile phone balance and redeem these for FIFA Points gift cards on the Store to top-up your FIFA account instantaneously and hassle free! Just make sure to: 

  1. Sign-up for the Ooredoo EZ platform (winning free Ember Points while at it)
  2. Head to your “My Points” page and select any Ember Point pack of your choosing 
  3. Check-out and pay using your Ooredoo mobile number 

Pick your poison! Just redeem your Ember Points at the Ooredoo EZ Store

EZ changes the way you play FIFA, forever. EZ because if you do have an Ooredoo mobile account, you can get game credits without the need for a credit card. It’s just like that – EZ.

Lez goooooooooo!

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