How to become a content creator

We spoke with Foued “JelyFish” el bEJI, a gaming content creator with more than 180K subscribers on YouTube to get a glimpse into the life of those who made a career out of their passion.


 Introduce yourself.

Foued el Beji, 28 yo, Technologiemanagement student, streamer, content creator, esports caster and co founder of jelycom, a digital advertisement company. I’m very passionate about gaming and fitness


 What is your background? How did you become a professional content creator? What were your motivations?

Back when youtube was banned, I used to use a VPN to watch videos about my favorite game, which was Metin2. At that time, I used to play on the french server, which was extremely bugged and missing a lot of features. I was watching people on YouTube from other servers; they had way better items and skills. Then one day, a friend of mine introduced me to private servers, in which the game was fully functional and had like 50x experience rate, so I was finally able to play the game like the guys I watched on YouTube. I even became one of the top 3 in the most popular french private servers. So I felt ready to post videos so I could flex on people—my first five videos were about that game.


 Why did you choose to associate gaming and content creation?

My dad was very interested in computers; he introduced me to coding and flashing ROMs on old Windows phones. This made me extremely interested in Computers, and I started exploring other domains such as video editing. On the one hand, I was fascinated by gaming; on the other, I had good editing skills. So, naturally, the combination of these two lead me to start creating gaming content.

Impactful moment

Tell us about a moment that significantly impacted you and/or your career.

Back in 2019, I received an email from Luciano Rahal, the PR manager of riot games MENA. I was invited to attend the 10-year anniversary ceremony of League of Legends in London. It was the first time I was invited to an event where the flight and accommodation were fully paid for. It made me feel like a superstar. That email was one of the most important moments in my career because it meant that my viewers and the game publisher appreciated me.


What is the most difficult part of being an influencer?

The hardest thing is that your self-esteem becomes highly correlated to your stats, likes, views, etc. It feels exactly like that episode from Black Mirror, where people are measured by their ratings on social media.


Did you have a role model when you started? 

Videogamedunkey was my top inspiration when I started, I copied his style a lot until I slowly found my own.

Support system

Who’s been your biggest support? 

My parents have always supported me; I tried karate, handball, guitar, fitness, and many other hobbies, but they never stopped me from finding my passion. My girlfriend Evelin also greatly supports me; she is always there for me in the most challenging moments.


What advice would you give to others wishing to break into content creation?

Be consistent, include your community in your content, seek collaborations, and most importantly, don’t fake it or force yourself to do something just because you think it will get you clicks. You will never be able to fake it forever; once the mask falls, so will your career.


VALORANT is a free-to-play tactical first-person shooter (FPS) published by Riot Games
on June 2nd, 2020. Taking inspiration from other popular shooters, VALORANT delivers
a gameplay blending tactical gunplay (as seen in Counter-Strike) and unique ability
skillsets (as seen in Overwatch) where two teams of five players battle each other.

Players take on the role of one of 19 several ‘Agents’. Agents have special powers that
require charges and a unique ultimate ability that requires charging by kills, deaths, orbs,
or objectives. Each Agent has a unique skillset and playstyle conforming to one of
VALORANT’s four archetypes: Sentinel, Duelist, Controller, and Initiator. These agent
‘roles’ are not a label but rather a guide to help build a team composition suitable for

Article highlights:

Agent Class

Controller: Controller agents are experts in creating space for their teammates with a
Duelist: Duelist agents are self-sufficient agents whose team expects, through abilities
and skills, to get high kills and seek out engagements first.
Initiator: Initiator agents challenge angles by setting up their team to enter the contested
ground and push defenders away with their information gathering.
Sentinel: Sentinel agents are defensive experts who can lock down areas and watch
flanks, both on the attacker and defender rounds.


The default game mode in VALORANT, ‘unrated,’ is a search and destroy (SnD) game
mode with a plant/defuse mode. Players are assigned to either the attacking or defensive
team with each team having five players. To earn a point in this mode, your team will
either attack or defend, with the attackers planting a ‘spike’ (bomb) that the opposing team
must defuse or, ideally, prevent you from planting in the first place. The attacking team
can win by either eliminating the rival team or by planting the spike and protecting it from
being defused until the timer runs out. Similarly, the defenders can win by either defeating
the attackers before they can plant their spike or defusing the spike once planted. Each
team of five gets to play as both attackers and defenders during a game. Each match
features 25 rounds, with the team that claims 13 rounds being named the winner.
Each game begins with a “traditional” handgun and one or more “signature ability”
Additional weapons and ability charges can be purchased through an in-game economy
that awards money, based on the previous round’s outcome and any kills and objectives
the player completed. There are a variety of weapons, paired with the diversity of different
agents, each suited to different playing styles.
If playing the standard game mode or competitive isn’t your style, there are plenty of
alternative and quicker-paced game modes you can enjoy. These permanent game
modes include “Spike Rush”, a short, gun game match, and “Deathmatch”; a 9-minute

Tips & Tricks

Finding yourself spectating your teammates more than clicking heads? Look no further
with these three tips and tricks to help you improve your VALORANT skills.
Settings and Practice – Use the Free Range to Hone Your Skills
A simple yet highly overlooked advice for gamers would be to practice. The old saying
rings true; practice does indeed make perfect. Whether that be aim training in deathmatch
games, learning spray patterns and abilities in the range, or even learning callouts and
improving game knowledge in unrated lobbies, these practice elements can all be part of
the recipe for success and improvement in this skill-based shooter. With time, you can
adjust and tune your settings to find the crosshair and key bindings that suit your
Communication and Strategy – Be Unpredictable as an Attacker and Defender
If you’re defending, avoid holding the same position as in the previous rounds. If you’re
always sitting in the same area on a particular map, the enemy team will know where you
are and adjust their plan accordingly. Changing your position every round will keep your
enemies on their toes, making it harder for their communication and plans to push a
bombsite. From an attacker’s point of view, it works the same way; however, if a certain
push or bombsite results in repeated success, don’t be afraid to fall back on that plan! A
balance of unpredictability will be critical for your team’s success with expert positioning.
Economy and Saving
If you’ve played enough VALORANT, there’s one more thing to keep in mind about your
finances. When you’re on the buy menu, there’s an indication that shows how much
money you’ll have when the next round begins. This quantity should be at least 3900
Creds, allowing you to purchase a rifle and shields. So long as you can acquire some
essential loadout components, you can adequately regulate what you buy in each round.
Try to match a similar loadout to your teammates to maximize economic value and impact
for success in future rounds.
If your team can’t afford a full buy in the next round, other options could lead to a round
win. A half-buy entails setting a budget and spending that money to acquire lesser
weaponry and, in some cases, lighter shields.
If you and your team don’t have enough money to buy weapons, a full save for that round
might be the best option. These rounds are usually short because you are not equipped
to take down your opponent; and you can use this round to consider what you can buy
for the next round.


Free Fire is a multiplayer mobile battle royale survival shooter. Each game lasts 10
minutes and sees 50 players battling out to survive

The participants are parachuted onto
a remote island from an airplane and must strategically choose their starting point before
making their way to be the last person standing. Thanks to the possibility of driving
vehicles, the players can explore the island, hide in the wild, and ambush and snipe the
other survivalists to retrieve their weapons and improve their survival chances.
Free Fire was developed and published by Garena in 2017 and gained massive popularity
in 2019. With its 150 million daily active users in 2021, Free Fire is currently one of the
most played battle royale mobile games.

Article highlights:

Game Modes

The game has two main modes.

1. Battle Royale
Battle Royale is the classic model of the game, played with 50 players landing on an
island without weapons. Players can play this mode solo or in teams of 2 or 4 but can
also choose to play this mode ranked for a competitive game or classic for fun and

2. Clash Squad
This mode is played in teams of 4 players that start the match with game currency to buy
off weapons and start to fight the opponent team. The first team to win four rounds wins
the whole game.

Tips & Tricks

1. Be Sneaky!
Battle Royale is all about surviving. So, be sneaky during your games, move carefully,
know when to hide, and make it to be the last team standing and win a BOOYAH!

2. Keep Changing Locations:
We advise you not to stay in one spot all the time. Instead, keep changing your location,
especially if enemies are spotting you: it will help you survive until the late zones of the

3. Use the Gloo Wall
The Gloo Wall is a feature in the game that can help you survive longer by activating it as
a shield. Use it wisely!


PUBG Mobile is a mobile Battle Royale game where participants fight against each other
until one last team or player stands.

The game offers different modes, such as Solo (100 players), Duo (50 teams), or Squads (25 teams), where opponents compete against each other on different maps (Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi). The last man standing from a team will be crowned the winner and receive the legendary “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.”

Article highlights:

Game Flow

At the beginning of each game, players jump off the plane to their desired spot on the
map and gather weapons and utility items before reaching the Safe Zone. The Safe Zone
will shrink throughout the different phases of the game, and any player outside the zone
will lose health points gradually until disqualification.
In team mode, players from the same team will assume different roles and try to create a
winning strategy:
1- The In-Game Leader (IGL) establishes the strategy and leads his team to victory.
2- The Assaulter/Fragger is a high-skilled shooting player whose role is to kill opponent
3- The Supporter usually defends his team and acts as a backup
4- The Free Man is polyvalent and occupies many roles as the game goes.
Note: Each player can play multiple roles, such as “scouter”, “flanker”, “entry fragger”,
“sniper”, etc.

Game Modes

PUBG Mobile offers two main different game modes: Ranked and Custom.
Ranked Games
Ranked Games are competitive; players join these games alone or as a team to earn
points and climb the ladder to the highest ranks. The ranking system is as follows:
1. Bronze (Entry-level)
2. Silver
3. Gold
4. Platinum
5. Diamond
6. Crown
7. Ace
8. Conqueror (Top 500 players in rating points in the server)

Note: Each rank has Tiers, for instance, Crown 5, Crown 4, Crown 3, Crown 2, Crown 1.

Custom Games:
Custom games are casual and very popular among player communities. Participants set
the rules of their games and battle for fun. A pointing system determines the winner of the

Tips & Tricks

1. Aim for the head!
In PUBG Mobile, the highest amount of damage is dealt by a headshot. Therefore, all
professional and competitive players are always aiming for the head.
While carrying a good weapon, players can take out opponents with two to three
headshots against five to six body shots.
To master the art of head shooting, players should adjust their crosshairs onto an enemy’s
head position. This can be mastered by practicing various sessions on the training

2. Pick the right weapons for you.
PUBG Mobile offers many weapons options, ranging from assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs,
shotguns, sniper rifles, etc. Each player can carry up to two weapons, one for close and
one for long-range. Using the right weapon in the right situations is critical and will give
you the confidence to take out your rival players.

3.Practice makes perfect
Becoming a good assaulter demands practice, ideally in Team Death Match or Arena. By
playing these game modes, you will get experience fighting in close-range and see your
gameplay improving in no time!

4. Use the terrain to your advantage
PUBG Mobile offers a lot of landscape and terrains variety that you should use to survive
longer in the game. Buildings are usually a good cover, but they are also risky if an
opponent knows you are hiding inside. Using hills, dips, bushes, or other natural elements
may provide you with solid cover and reduce the risk of being cornered by the enemy