Apex Legends: Low Cost Coins for Late Game Legends

Strap-in Legends – we’re well into a new season of Apex and everyone is getting the hang of a new ranked system. Love it or hate it, there’s no excuse to go into battle looking like a smurf – unless you are one and can melt lobbies.

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How to get cheap or free Apex Coins on the Ooredoo EZ Store

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How to enter an Apex Legends tournament or challenge to earn points

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How to redeem your points for Apex Coins and get that sweet loot!

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League of Legends – Get a Penta-kill Rocking Your Favorite Champion Skin!

Are you tired of worrying about grinding RP to get new heroes? Are you feeling guilty you bought another champion you will never play instead of purchasing a brand new skin? Riot Points go a long way in solving that for you!

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How to earn points and convert them into Riot Points on the Ooredoo EZ Store

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What else can be purchased using Riot Points?

On top of being able to purchase champions skins and speeding up your champions acquisition, by purchasing RP with points on our store you won’t miss out on the great rewards you can earn by being part of the newest Pass Bundle! 

The pass allows you to obtain tokens used to unlock unique content, such as Prestige skins, emotes, or chromas. These tokens can be earned both by playing and by completing missions that are unlocked only when you purchase a pass.

Free Fire: Flex Your Exclusive Skins to Victory

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How to compete for Free Fire Diamonds with Ooredoo EZ

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How to get extra Free Fire Diamonds at the Ooredoo EZ Store using your mobile phone

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FIFA 22: FIFA Points at a Bargain to Improve your Ultimate Team

Football is your passion, but your skill lies in your hands rather than your feet? FIFA is a big part of your life, you can’t do without it but somehow you keep striking out of luck and your team is always worse than your competition? Buckle up because everything you know is true is about to change – forever!

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How to buy FIFA Points online safely and without a credit card

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Who Would Play These Apex Legends in a Live Action Movie?

From Seer, Valkyrie, Wraith and on – it’s fun to dream about an all-star live action cast of who would play the best Apex Legends in a movie.

In a world… (movie announcer voice) where literally every video game is being made into a movie – do you often think about who would play your favourite characters in said movie? They aren’t always box office hits, but as I was grinding my season 12 rank yesterday, I found myself mentally casting Hollywood A-listers in Apex Legends – from Seer to Valkyrie, Wraith (my main) to Gibby and the whole gang.

Apex Legends Characters Season 12

Apex Legends Support Characters:


LIFELINE – Letitia Wright – Black Panther

Letitia Wright is better known as Shuri from Black Panther and I think that she would be perfect as Lifeline. She’s got badass moves and she can lock down a battle. I think her work on the Marvel series of Black Panther and Avengers Movies positions her against no rival to play Che/Lifeline – the quirky, confident battle medic Legend!


LOBA – Florence Pugh – Black Widow, Little Women

Yeah, I’m going back to Marvel for this one too but I DARE you to look at Florence Pugh and tell me she’s not 100% Loba! You probably know her as Natasha Romanoff’s (Black Widow) “sister,” Yelena or from Little Women but SHE IS LOBA! Bonus points for the fact that we know she would handle the acrobatics and staff-slinging that matches Loba’s character with ease. Che/Lifeline – the quirky, confident battle medic Legend!

Apex Legends Defenders


GIBRALTAR – Dwayne Johnson – Jungle Cruise, Jumanji, wrestling stuff

The towering fortress with a giant heart would have to be played by someone who has the sheer physical presence of Gibraltar but also the kind nature and team-spirited-ness of the character. To me, that pumped out Dwayne Johnson’s name and visual perfectly. Hope he can nail the accent. As an aside – if it where my choice, Dwayne Johnson would be in every movie. against no rival to play Che/Lifeline – the quirky, confident battle medic Legend!


CAUSTIC – Mickey Rourke – Iron Man 2, The Wrestler

Apparently, I want to re-skin the MCU films as one big Apex Legends live action tribute but to be fair; they have basically collected all the best action talent in cinema for over 10 years now. Mickey Rourke has the vocals, the stature, the sheer intimidation that Apex’s toxic trapper needs to soak the field with fear and fumes. “The Wrestler” gets my nod for Caustic. Che/Lifeline – the quirky, confident battle medic Legend!


WATTSON – Esme Creed-Miles – Hannah

NOT because I’m worried about Marvel superfans, but it is nice to pull talent from elsewhere. Esme Creed-Miles played Hannah on the Amazon Prime series born from the film about ‘born-to-kill’ youth assassin originated by Saoirse Ronan in 2011. I think she’d be perfect to play the timid but deadly youth prodigy Wattson. No doubt her performance would be………… electrifying. I’LL SEE MYSELF OUT OKAY!


RAMPART – Freida Pinto – Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Slumdog Millionaire

Freida Pinto is a bit under-rated in my opinion and she does have the action chops to play Apex’s back-talkin heavy-hitter Rampart. Do we have to cast her trusty ‘Shiela’ separately? I find her to be the perfect portrayal of Rampart in all her heavily armed goodness.

Apex Legends Strikers


WRAITH – Jennifer Connelly – Top Gun: Maverick. Snowpiercer

As a dedicated Wraith main and fanboy, this was tricky for me – I had too many options but I ultimately pegged Jennifer Connelly. She kept popping in my mind because she has the grit, the voice and the action portfolio as well as the ability to play the brooding underlying torment of Wraith’s character.


BANGALORE – Jada Pinkett Smith – Gotham, The Matrix: Reloaded

Jada Pinkett Smith popped into my mind immediately for Banga. At first blush she might not appear to have the edge that Bangalor carries but I’ve seen her do it. She can throw down, is no stranger to action film and she is an absolute boss! I’d love to see her poppin’ smoke and droppin’ hot lead in an Apex live action movie.


MIRAGE – Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool, Free Guy

C’mon, WHO ELSE! Ryan Reynolds would be an absolutely perfect addition to this lineup and a killer fit for the comedic, wise-crackin Mirage. His humor, proven ability in action film… I couldn’t think of anyone better at all. And that’s before my Canadian bias kicks in!


OCTANE – Michael Peña – Ant Man

How much heat will I get for poaching Marvel movies? Michael Peña has had his share of roles in action flicks and definitely has a flare for comedic timing! To be fair, a lot of Octane would presumably be costume but I think Peña has the goods to bring Octane to live behind the mask too!


REVENANT – Andy Sirkis – Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes – every godly CGI character

Andy Serkis is legendary for bringing brilliant acting together with cutting edge CGI tech – from Gollum to Caesar and in a host of Marvel films and series breakouts. When I thought that I’d see Revenant as a mainly CG character the only name that I heard in my head was Andy f’in Serkis. Hands (or claws) down.


HORIZON – Rose Leslie – Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey

You may know her as Jon Snow’s better half on and off-screen in the character Ygritte, but Rose Leslie is at home in the fantasy genre and she’s actually Scottish to boot! Not only would I love to see her in this role, but I’d love to see her return to a hard-hitting action show again. Loved her in GoT!


FUZE – Colin Farrell – The Batman, Phone Booth

Though he is Irish, Colin Farrell has the acting chops to pull anything off. See his performance as Oswald ‘The Penguin’ Cobblepot in Matt Reeves’ The Batman for more than enough proof. The guy looks like yer ol’ pal Fuzey too. Picture him with a giant cannon over-shoulder, raging mustache and a cold one in-hand.


ASH – Anna Campbell (voice) – Apex Legends, God of War

That’s right! I’m putting the original voice of Ash as… the voice of Ash. That’s because I see Ash as an entirely CGI role which means, in a twist, we get to consider the original voice actor, Anna Campbell, do the work. She’s no stranger to the VO game and I thought this was a nice nod to the original voice talent.


MAD MAGGIE – Rachel House – Thor: Ragnarok

While we know Apex doesn’t draw from real Earth geography or peoples, the ties are pretty evident and Mad Maggie actually has distinct Māori ties, it is reasonable to consider a Māori actress to play Mad Maggie – it has to be someone who can also harness Maggie’s no-nonsense edgy approach to kicking ass and taking names. That person is Rachel House – You might remember her as Topaz. The Grandmaster’s chief bodyguard in Thor: Ragnarok. Yeah, she’s got Maggie locked!

Apex Legends Scouts


BLOODHOUND – Katee Sackhoff – The Mandalorian

Part of Bloodhound’s legacy is that we’ve never seen their face and the voicing is heavily modulated. While that might open up casting options, the performer behind a live-action Bloodhound needs to be able to run the quiet deadliness and physicality of the tech hunter. When I ran that down, I felt Katee Sackhoff aka Bo-Katan would be perfect and, well, she’s got the tech hunter part down pat right? Did you know that she not only played Bo-Katan in The Mandalorian, but also voiced the same character in the Clone Wars tv series?


PATHFINDER – Chris Edgerly (voice) – Apex Legends, The Simpsons

The second of only two characters I would see being entirely CGI – and only because I feel we now have the tech to do it well – goes to Pathy’s original voice actor, Chris Edgerly. Beyond that, it would be pretty cool to see a few of the original Apex Legends voice actors in the mix here.


CRYPTO – Simu Liu – Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

At this point, I just concede to the fact that Disney basically owns everyone. Yes, another MCU pull but while you’ve SEEN these folks in Marvel movies it doesn’t mean they started there. In fact, Simu Liu is another Canadian bud who got a leg up in a Canadian tv series called Kim’s Convenience.


VALKYRIE – Ming-Na Wen – The Mandalorian/Book of Boba Fett

Again from the Disney roster, Ming-Na has shown that she can not only hold her own in a combat-centric, aggressive lead but that she can easily gel into about any role from an ER doctor to an intergalactic assassin and more. I’m sure she can take to the skies as Valkyrie, just as easily.


SEER – Donald Glover – Solo: A Star Wars Story, Community

The sagely, other-worldly, low-key King of Pop vibes needed for the omniscient Seer was a tough one for me. Lots of great actors could bring this one home but I though a great fit would be someone with an almost dancer-like grace. When I put all that together it hit me that this person… is Donald Glover.

Now of course I know that I’m ignoring a LOT of Hollywood casting convention with a list like this and I’m sure everyone has their own picks of who would be perfect for each of these roles. These are simply my top-of-mind, fun picks based on a genuine love for each one of them and the lore that they hail from.

If you disagree that’s fine! Get at us on socials and tell us what you think and if you can cast it better, shoot your shot!

How Valorant Made up for League of Legends’ Misses

Riot seems to have the formula down for team-based battlers, but they haven’t always hit their shots right off the bat.

Riot seems to have the formula down for team-based battlers, but they haven’t always hit their shots right off the bat. Today, we’re looking at a few key ways that the Valorant creator has learned from and improved on those key things to greatly improve the Valorant team, player and competitive experience.

Optimizing for different PC setups

If you’re lagging, your FPS is dropping, or if your obvious skill-shot/headshot didn’t hit then you’re in for a world of tilt. And if you’ve ever played League of Legends, I’m sure you can relate to other players suffering: Cheaters, leavers, servers and balancing issues. And despite Riot’s incessant efforts to “fix” the game to appease the players, the countless patches sometimes only made things worse.

There’s no point in trying to fix the gameplay if we can’t even play the game in the first place.

As feedback is a gift, the company has learned many valuable lessons throughout the years. This is demonstrated in the optimization of Riot Games’ team-based tactical shooter: Valorant.

Competitive integrity, anti-cheat and quality of life for teams

Valorant’s powerful anti-cheat system, with the game’s outstanding deployment, insures a smooth experience.


To make sure the game itself never gets in the way of players, and lag free gaming session, Riot bolsters:

  • Top-tier 128 tick servers (standard servers such as CS:GO’s are 64 tick).
  • Worldwide spread of data centers.
  • A tested insurance that at least 70% of the players have 35ms at all times.

“It’s all about Competitive Integrity.” For each defeat and issue that happens during a match, Rioters are making sure that players feel responsible. No cheater on the enemy team, a peeker’s advantage, or an enemy agent being “broken.”

With Valorant, if your losses are yours, then your victories will be as well.

AFK timers and Riot’s AFK rating

Riot’s implemented systems succeeded in more than halving the AFK rates in 2021. This was achieved by focusing on making the detection process heavily scalable. 

That and making sure that the sanctions for AFKing are fair and forgiving by creating an “AFK Rating”. The system studies each account’s AFK behavior and punishes them accordingly.

Everyone’s favourite ‘comeback story’

Be it a losing game, or a fall out of favor with the audience, comebacks can be powerful. After all, it’s not missteps or failed attempts that define success, but learning from them. More importantly, using the lessons to cross the finish line.

Riot Games has a long way to go, but Valorant is a huge step in the right direction. As such, Riot Games made up for League of Legends’ shortcomings throughout the years. With tools in hand, Riot should be ready for their upcoming titles, yet only time will tell.

Dota’s Past, Present, and Precarious Future

Dota 2 was at one point the shining example of what an esport could be.

It boasted the largest prize pools in the world, the most nail biting finales, the most epic highlights, and saw new competitors rising to challenge the established greats on a regular basis. Today the scene features limited new talent, a seasonal league which the competitors hardly care to participate in, and a single tournament that carries more weight than all others throughout the year combined.

Growing the game

Dota 2’s growth was explosive after its beta ended in July of 2013. While Valve had already run two million-dollar “Internationals” to kickstart the burgeoning esports scene, the game moving from invite only to free to play was the big step that allowed the masses to jump on board this roaring hype train. In the years following, esports would become a household term as a bit of a virtual revolution took place. Dota 2 was leading the pack, and nothing illustrated it more clearly than the boom in prize pools over the subsequent years. In 2013 the Dota 2 pro scene awarded its top contenders a total just north of $4,000,000, then awarded over $15,000,000 in 2014, followed by $28,000,000 in 2015. Every month that went by, a new event was announced, a new sponsor was on board, and a new player topped the charts of esportsearnings.com.

This was partially due to the laissez-faire attitude of its publisher Valve, who appeared to want very little to do with moderating the world of Dota esports aside from its singular annual tribute to the game, The International. While publishers like Riot and Blizzard clamoured for control of their esports ecosystems, attempting to bring them in-house and franchising out slots in their tournaments, Valve gave carte blanche to third parties to run wild with the game. There were no fees to license the game, no revenue shares with the publisher, and no rules or restrictions to adhere to. If you were an organizer that wanted to run a Dota event, you were absolutely free to. This spurred an ecosystem of eager partners, chomping at the bit to promote Valve’s game in order to grab a piece of the pie. ESL, PGL, Dreamhack, MLG, Beyond The Summit, Starladder and more became keystone organizers in the scene, delivering hundreds of thousands of viewer hours to sponsors, and just as many dollars to players.

Did The International get too big?

There was only one problem though. As this growth continued, Valve continued to grow its contribution to the scene, The International. Each year, Valve crowdfunded the prize pool, leveraging the now-popularized “Battlepass” system we see in games, and splitting the revenue between themselves, and TI. 

As the prize pool ballooned to unheard of proportions, so too did the importance of the event itself to the teams competing each year. This unfortunately led to a myriad of predictable outcomes. Over time, it became every team’s singular goal to win The International. While in years previous it was a prestigious achievement and a hefty chunk of cash, from 2017 and beyond, pursuing the aegis of champions with reckless abandon was the only financially sensible thing to do. At an all-time low, The International accounted for 62% of prize money in the Dota 2 scene in 2016. The Winners of The International that year, Wings Gaming, took home just over $9,000,000, 23% of the total money available in that year. 

In a year-long season with 19 notable tier 1 events with LANs, a single two-week event held over half of the season’s cash, and awarded nearly a quarter of it to a single team. This was the best case scenario as well. Looking a few years forward to 2019, there was $40,000,000 up for grabs in that year, with $34,000,000 (84%) of it being locked up in TI. The winners that year, OG, would take home over $15,000,000, more than double the amount that was available to all other teams in all other events throughout the season.

With all eyes on a single event, the scene’s priorities began to change. Sponsors and organizations started worrying less about appearances at mid-season events, and simply focused on finding their way onto the TI mainstage. Rather than investing in a team throughout a season, many esports orgs simply found strong contenders and bid on their sponsorship rights as TI approached, opting only to contract the team for a month or two before releasing them again. 

Teams began focusing only on how to optimize their potential for TI, which led to many ugly roster shake ups with players being left teamless mere minutes before roster locks, and teams reforming nearly constantly throughout the year. Event organizers were left at the mercy of Valve, trying to find ways to remain relevant as more of the year became seen as “TI preparation” and their somewhat static prize pools based in sponsorship dollars paled in comparison to Valve’s ever-growing crowd funding. 

DOTA2 N0tail and Fly

Despite the drastic shift, some concessions were made along the way. Valve introduced ways for organizers to award Qualifying Points to teams as they worked towards TI, and even offered ways for organizers to have their prize pools matched, provided they met certain minimums. Roster locking and point attribution per-player were introduced to discourage frequent roster changes, and a standardized schedule policed by Valve prevented organizers from fighting over calendar days for the attention of top teams. There were strides made to tame the beast that the Dota Pro Circuit had become, but the elephant in the room loomed large.

 Despite all of the qualifying points and league play scattered throughout the year, the fact remained that placing reasonably at TI meant more than everything else you could possibly do in a year. Fewer and fewer organizers were hopping on board to run events, as competing with TI seemed pointless, and the number of Tier 1 events run in a year shrunk from 23 in 2015 to only 8 in 2020. Valve and a small number of organizers who weathered the storm, namely ESL, WePlay, PGL, remained to run the few sanctioned events still active in a DPC season, but the state of the game was no more apparent than in the 2020 season. In 2020 there was slated to be $5,400,000 worth of non-TI prize money, however Covid saw three million-dollar events canceled, resulting in only $2,400,000 being dispersed that year. While the community raised $40,000,000 for that year’s International, it was ultimately delayed and awarded in 2021, remaining nearly 90% of the available prize money for both years combined.

What can be done going forward?

It’s easy to simply say that The International dominates the scene. It’s been known for a while, and many (perhaps Valve themselves) are actually fine with the status quo. The International is by nearly any measure, the greatest esports event in the entire world. No event has more on the line, and operates more freely of external forces like advertisers. It truly is a love letter to the community each and every year, and the winners are undeniable legends of esports forever onwards. However if Dota is to survive, something needs to change. There needs to be value placed in consistency and strength throughout a season. 


Team Secret, who have widely been considered a legendary powerhouse in Dota, had an exceptional 2019 year, coming first in 4 major events throughout the year. However, they placed 4th in TI, locking them up a $2,000,000 bounty, while the victors that year, OG, who never placed above 3rd in another event all season, walked away from that event with more money than Secret’s players have in their entire careers. OG are undoubtedly an incredible team, but what has cemented their legacy, is the blinders they put on throughout the season to focus on TI. 

To solve this problem, Valve needs to find ways to entice third party organizers back into their ecosystem. While The International’s prize pool continues to grow, the activity throughout the season continues to dither. Dota is becoming an Olympic-type spectacle where once a year it blows the roof off, and then goes silent until returning a year later. This could be easily contrasted by Valve’s other property, CS:GO. Despite fan demand for an event like TI, the CS team at Valve has oddly abstained all of these years, and what has resulted, is a packed schedule of mid-to-high tier events that keep the action going year round. This has curated a richer ecosystem of sponsors, teams, content, and third party organizers, as there’s more screen time to drive sponsor dollars, and more individual opportunities for teams to surprise and claim a piece of the overall available prize pool.

I think it would be prudent for Valve to revisit the way they handled the Pro Circuit in 2016. Despite still having a TI that accounted for over 50% of total available prize money, they adequately curated a series of Major events that demanded attention, and gave viewers something to engage with, while also leaving ample room in the schedule for third party organizers to get creative and attract teams. Additionally, The International’s prize pool needs to be capped. Whether it continues to rise or not, there is simply no amount of sponsor dollars for third party events that can match the wave of crowdfunding brought in by the Dota audience each year. Instead of having smaller events compete with TI, I would argue that it would benefit the scene greatly to see TI limited at $30,000,000 with every dollar thereafter being used to bolster or match prize pools of qualifying events throughout the subsequent season. That way, while TI can continue to reign supreme, the opportunities are spread out, and the Dota ecosystem can grow naturally again. 

How Ooredoo EZ is Preparing for Battle in Overwatch 2

The long anticipated Overwatch 2 release is right around the corner, and our team is ready to satisfy all of your competitive needs by hosting all kinds of events in this esports title!

What is Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 PVP competitive role shooter game with multiple game modes and character classes. You and your friends will be able to play a variety of characters that all have unique abilities to create the perfect dream team.


The character classes are split into 3 official categories. Damage, Tank, and Support. For the Damage role, you’ll have classic characters such as Genji, a Katana wielding ninja with shurikens that utilizes his quick abilities to slice through enemy backlines. Whereas the Tank role will have characters such as Rienheardt, a giant on the battlefield that utilizes a big hammer and shield to protect his team from enemy fire. Finally in the support role, we have Mercy. Who many consider to be the face of Overwatch. She’s a combat medic that flies around the skies of the battlefield keeping her team alive using her healing abilities. 

When is Overwatch 2’s release date

The golden question that everyone has been asking since they released the trailer back in 2019. Overwatch 2’s first public Beta will be released on the 26th of April 2022! With the full version of the game being launched sometime in late 2022.

How can I sign up for the Overwatch 2 Beta

Players can sign up to play the Beta on the 26th of April using the link below:


What are our plans for Overwatch 2

Here at OoredooEZ, we have a lot of die hard Overwatch fans that can’t wait to start hosting events for you all! Our team will focus on creating weekly/bi weekly tournaments and influencer events to give you your Overwatch fix on a regular basis.

You can expect some hardcore 5v5 PVP tournaments along with smaller 1v1 events. Along with these tournaments, our team will be keeping a close eye on the PVE side of Overwatch 2 to see what cool events can be done in the community!