How Ooredoo EZ is Preparing for Battle in Overwatch 2

The long anticipated Overwatch 2 release is right around the corner, and our team is ready to satisfy all of your competitive needs by hosting all kinds of events in this esports title!

What is Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 PVP competitive role shooter game with multiple game modes and character classes. You and your friends will be able to play a variety of characters that all have unique abilities to create the perfect dream team.


The character classes are split into 3 official categories. Damage, Tank, and Support. For the Damage role, you’ll have classic characters such as Genji, a Katana wielding ninja with shurikens that utilizes his quick abilities to slice through enemy backlines. Whereas the Tank role will have characters such as Rienheardt, a giant on the battlefield that utilizes a big hammer and shield to protect his team from enemy fire. Finally in the support role, we have Mercy. Who many consider to be the face of Overwatch. She’s a combat medic that flies around the skies of the battlefield keeping her team alive using her healing abilities. 

When is Overwatch 2’s release date

The golden question that everyone has been asking since they released the trailer back in 2019. Overwatch 2’s first public Beta will be released on the 26th of April 2022! With the full version of the game being launched sometime in late 2022.

How can I sign up for the Overwatch 2 Beta

Players can sign up to play the Beta on the 26th of April using the link below:

What are our plans for Overwatch 2

Here at OoredooEZ, we have a lot of die hard Overwatch fans that can’t wait to start hosting events for you all! Our team will focus on creating weekly/bi weekly tournaments and influencer events to give you your Overwatch fix on a regular basis.

You can expect some hardcore 5v5 PVP tournaments along with smaller 1v1 events. Along with these tournaments, our team will be keeping a close eye on the PVE side of Overwatch 2 to see what cool events can be done in the community!