Apex Legends: Low Cost Coins for Late Game Legends

Strap-in Legends – we’re well into a new season of Apex and everyone is getting the hang of a new ranked system. Love it or hate it, there’s no excuse to go into battle looking like a smurf – unless you are one and can melt lobbies.

But it doesn’t matter if your a pro, rat, bot or just honestly learning the game – Apex store items are sweet, but the cost of coins is high. How can you earn Apex Coins for low cost or nearly free? How about just playing and entering tournaments and challenges on our new Ooredoo EZ community gaming platform?

How to get cheap or free Apex Coins on the Ooredoo EZ Store

This is HUGE for our Tunisian and area gamers! For the first time, you can play on our new platform, earn points to redeem in our Ooredoo EZ Store and spend those points on Apex Coins.

You literally just have to sign up, show up and play Apex Legends with us!

Check out the Apex Legends Store to see what you can redeem your points for.

How to enter an Apex Legends tournament or challenge to earn points

We have TONS of gaming tournaments, challenges and even community events, watch parties, trivia nights and more to give you plenty of opportunities to earn platform points.

You can actually play anything, show up for anything and then use the points for whatever you want in our store.

The first step is creating an account and getting signed up, so get into our Ooredoo EZ gaming community here and be sure to join the community discord for tournament, event and challenges announcements.

How to redeem your points for Apex Coins and get that sweet loot!

Make sure you hit these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Ooredoo EZ Gaming community account
  2. Complete your profile and take a tour of your new home for gaming and rewards
  3. Join our Ooredoo EZ Discord server
  4. Pick a tournament, challenge event or two (or more)
  5. Show up and play!
  6. Repeat!

It’s so easy and soon you’ll be sitting on a care package of coins, and swimming in sweet skins for your mains.