Swarmio Hive Release Notes – February 3, 2022 – 1.9.3

Added ability to purchase points NEW
Users on the platform now have the ability to purchase points by navigating to the “My Points” page in the user menu. This allows users to directly spend on top-ups for game currencies through the rewards store.

Swarmio Pay live on platform NEW
In order to support the purchase of points, as well as subscription bundles, we’ve launched the Swarmio Pay platform, which allows users to make purchases through a wide array of providers, including credit cards, DCB providers, direct bank transfers, and other methods. Payment methods made available to each partner will vary, but this integration will make the purchase flow on the platform much simpler and more efficient for users.

Automated Rewards Fulfillment NEW
To better serve our customers and decrease the time before they receive their rewards, we’ve implemented an automated fulfillment system which procures gift card codes automatically when a user makes a purchase. This system doesn’t have complete coverage of our store rewards items, so a number of items will still have to be manually fulfilled, but customers should see rewards arriving faster, if not immediately.

Administration Tools UPDATE
Alongside the above updates, we’ve upgraded our admin panel to provide tools to support redemption and store workflows. We’ve implemented an audit table for rewards redemption, as well as tooling to allow admins to send codes via standardized emails, and track unfulfilled orders. Back end updates will be accompanies with “How to” articles once this release ships.

Miscellaneous UPDATE
Number of small fixes to the alignment and spacing of Arabic translations on some platforms

Fixed multiple bugs on admin panel that resulted in updates to events not saving properly

Fixed bug resulting in videos not being able to be added to events

Updated call to action for linking game accounts

Changes to user subscription management on admin panel

Added Event “Categories” to event creation – allows admins to specify which category an event will appear under on the events tab

Number of client-specific logo, language, and graphic updates

Number of client-specific subscription package updates

Improved performance when dragging event brackets around